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Roof Leak

You may be seeing signs of staining or actual water drops leaking from your ceiling. You might also be seeing these symptoms in multiple areas. Don’t panic. Unfortunate occurrences like this happen often, but the good news is expert roofing contractors can easily identify the origin of the leak. Once a professional can locate where the leak is coming from, typically it’s as easy as signing a proposal and putting you on the schedule to fix it right up. 

According to Fresh Home, here are some common reasons you may have a leaky roof: 

  1. Cracked flashing 
  2. Broken shingles 
  3. Unsealed valleys
  4. Cracked vent edges
  5. Improperly installed skylights
  6. Clogged gutters
  7. Cracked chimney 
  8. Condensation in the attic
  9. Old fascia boards
  10. Ol’ fashion wear and tear


It’s important to take care of this problem as soon as you become aware of it. The longer you wait, the worse the leak gets. The longer you wait, the higher the repair cost can potentially be. 

Let’s also mention the extra headache and added expense of interior damage. Being proactive might save you the bill on repairing walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. Please be aware that if the inside of your home is damaged, then we highly recommend getting your roof leak repaired first before starting work on your interior. Think: Working from the outside in. Always. If you work on the interior first, then you run the risk that the leak might worsen and damage the inside all over again. You’ll be paying DOUBLE for interior repairs. 

Keep in mind that during Coral Springs’s rainy season, we might be two weeks booked out before we can even make an appointment just to LOOK at the problem. So, it's important to call us as soon as you suspect any signs of water damage.   

We stand by our motto: Keeping you dry when it’s wet outside. Give our office a call at (954) 227-6637 to put you on the schedule.